Beware of the many invention submission companies that advertise on TV and other media promising to take your invention or product to market and share some of the profits or royalties with you. Before investing with any marketing company it is strongly advised that you read about how some of these companies operate by going to Inventor Fraud and reading what some inventors have experienced.

The American Invention Protection Act of 1999 provides disclosure requirements of companies to provide information which can be used to make an informed decision whether or not the firm will meet your needs. This disclosure is mandatory and required by law.  Click for summary.   Click for full Document.

To see if a complaint has been filed with the USPTO against any company go to COMPLAINTS . To see if a company is recommended as a red flag and to proceed with caution or extreme caution, go to INVENTORED.  To see an Alert issued by the Federal Trade Commision on fraudulent companies, click on Alert.

If you live in Kansas, the Kansas Consumer Protection Act contains a supplement, House Bill 2792. This law was authored by Clayton Williamson of Hoisington, Kansas and is mandatory to any Invention Promotion Company. If your contract with any invention promotion company omits these mandatory disclosures and/or if you have been dealing with a company and feel they were not dealing honestly, you may file a complaint with the USPTO for the record and also with the Attorney General of your state.

In Kansas you can go to the Kansas Attorney Generals' site and download  a Consumer Complaint. You may be successful and receive a refund. As a minimum, your complaint can serve to warn other aspiring inventors. A bad experience with a unethical promotion firm can not only waste your money but can prevent you from getting a successful patent and license agreement.